Mirab Mineral Resources



Lars-Åke Claesson Phil lic (PhD) in Geology, vice President and Partner. Lars-Åke has more than 35 years of experience in exploration and management. His specialities are Management of projects and small companies, bedrock geology, exploration for gold, base metals and industrial minerals. He has a detailed knowledge of the Skellefte Ore Province and parts of Norrbotten, Västernorrland and Hälsingland, northern Sweden as well as the Bidjovagge Ore Province in Norway. Environmental impact studies, applications due to the Mineral Act. He is director of the board in Mirab Mineral Resurser AB and Chairman of Pajeb Kvarts AB, former CEO of Arctic Gold AB. Lars-Åke is Qualified Person according to Fennoscandian Association for Minerals and Metals Professionals (FAMMP).